Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Grandma Shepherd

Abraham Lincoln so lovingly said, "All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." Which pretty much hits the nail right on the head but the same thing could be said about my Grandmother.

It has taken me a little too long to really appreciate my Grandma for who she is. I think my sweet Grandpa stole the spotlight from her a lot during their time together. Grandpa was seen as the fun loving, tan, smiley guy who always tried to tickle your neck while Grandma was strict, the one who was always in charge, always gave you a bowl of ice cream at her house, & was the one who made you clean your rooms.
 I recall a time when my parents were out of town & my Grandma was staying with us while they were gone. My cousin Kiley wanted us to meet her at Seven Peaks. My Grandma said we could go after we cleaned our rooms. So what did I do?? Made my bed, picked up a few things then shoved everything else under my bed. Now my Grandma is no fool she knew exactly what I had done to clean my room so fast. She came in to inspect my room & being the clever woman she is used a broom stick to pull out everything I had shoved under my bed. In that moment I thought what a drag she is such a clean freak, but now when I think back to that memory I am reminded of a very important lesson she was trying to teach me. She was teaching me to follow through on my word. She was teaching me to do a good job the first time so I wouldn't have to do it again. She was teaching me to keep my room clean. She was teaching me that she loved me. 

As a wife & mother I have noticed I am 100 times happier when my house is clean. {A cluttered house equals a cluttered mind}If my house is a mess I can not relax. My mind just keeps thinking of what I need to get done & I don't get a moments rest until it is clean. I take pride in keeping up on my house because I feel that my house is a reflection of me.

Even when she was having us clean our rooms & go through our toys (if we hadn't played with them in the last 6 month they were donated to the D.I.) she never once made us clean alone. She was always kneeling down next to us helping clean our rooms. She taught me that "cleanliness is next to godliness" & that many hands make light work. I can't help but see the correlation between the way she would help us with the way the Lord helps all of us each & every day. He does not stand above us barking orders & telling us what to do, he is there kneeling beside us helping us along the way. He has shown us by his example the way to happiness & he leads by example, just like my Grandma does.

My Grandmother also gave me my love for music. My Grandma has the most beautiful singing voice. In high school she was in a quartet & would sing for many school functions. She is nothing short of an artist in her craft for music as she led her ward choir & directed the music for many year. Any time she tells that story she talks about how unworthy she probably was to be in that calling. That she didn't know what she was doing & that she was always so nervous each time she got up to lead the music or conduct the choir. My mother said you would have never know she felt like that because it was the most beautiful ward choir she ever heard. Much like our clean rooms my Grandmother expected nothing less of perfection & that included herself. She passed down her voice & her love of music to my mother, who has now passed it onto me. Anytime I have ever sang at church my Grandma has come to watch me. I look down at her in the audience & see her beaming with joy. She is always so encouraging, always telling me to share my gift with others. Another thing that I will carry with me for the rest of my life is the comment she always made to me before I was going up to sing. If you prepare yourself & give 99.9% the Lord will give you that 1% & bring you to 100%. She started telling me that at a very young age & has continued saying it to me my entire life. That started a relationship with my Heavenly Father teaching me that if i do all I can the Lord will make up the rest. This taught me to rely on the Lord for the things I need help with. 

 My Grandmother has been through so much in her life & she has handled all of it with such love, grace, & more understanding than anyone I have ever known. When I was 16 & obviously naive I would tell my mom that I am never going to be like you when I grow up. Pretty much anyone who knows me can attest that I am exactly like my mother in every way. Which in turn means I'm exactly like my Grandmother in every way because my mom is an exact copy of her. Which I am more than happy about now because she is a beautiful person inside & out. 

When my Grandpa passed away so unexpectedly there was so much I wish I could have said & done before he left us. What I wouldn't give to tell him that I loved him & have him ask me to roll my big, beautiful eyes at him one last time. But I have treasured the time I have spent really getting to know my Grandmother better. Going to her house, spending countless hours listening to her talk about my Grandpa, their life together & her life experiences. 

Grandma, I love you more than I can ever express in words. You are such a great example to me & you have been a constant light in my life. Thank you for loving me enough to try to teach me how to do things right the first time. Thank you for teaching my mom all the lessons that you have taught me. Thank you for raising your family in the gospel. Thank you for always bringing a wonderful spirit with you every where you go. Thank you for showing me the importance of serving others. Thank you for expecting more of me & helping me become who I am today. Thank you for making Fish Lake such a special place. Thank you for all the memories that I cherish. I know you wont live on this earth forever but I can't even imagine my world without you in it. I don't know who I would be without you. I'm so grateful you were able to meet Brynlie, when I was pregnant I prayed so often & asked God to keep you here long enough to meet her. It completely melts my heart when I see her with you. I cant wait to share stories with her about my amazing Grandmother & remind her know how much you love her. It meant the world to me to have you come to the hospital when I was in labor & basically refuse to leave when it was after midnight. I will never forget how eager you were to come see us, but when you opened the door we were still sleeping so you went to the nursery for two hours & just watched Brynlie. I adore all of your visits with us. Brynlie loves her Great Grandma so much.

I absolutely dread the day when you will be called back up to Heaven. I know that when you leave us you won't really be gone. You will be watching over all of your family who you love so much. But that doesn't mean I won't miss seeing your sweet face. I will be so happy that you are reunited with the love of your life who you have been apart from way too long. When I was 16 I never thought any ones death would break my heart more but i honestly don't know what I will do without you. You are my example. my idol, the constant light, my best friend, my everything, My grandma Shepherd. I love you.

I want to be just like you when I grow up. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brynlie Jo Bird's Birth Story

My entire experience with my pregnancy was to say the least wonderful. I was quite blessed with a pregnancy that never really slowed me down in daily life, or made me rarely sick. I know not everyone has such great pregnancies that seem to agree with their bodies like I did so I know I am truly blessed. I loved being pregnant, I loved knowing my child was growing inside of me. Feeling every little kick made my heart flutter. Building this relationship with my child before she was even born was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life.

My due date was September 7th & at both of my ultrasounds they confirmed I was actually a week further than we thought. But if it’s not a difference of over nine days the doctor doesn’t change it because these sweet babies really don’t care all that much about their expected due date. So I just counted up seven days & August 31st was the due date I was going off of. My mother was always early with each of her kids so I was convinced that I would have this sweet baby in August. Not to mention we have so many birthdays in September I thought an August baby would be so fun!! (Well that didn’t turn out like I thought did it?)

The week of the 31st came & went but there was no sign of baby wanting to make her debut. Then over the next couple of days I started to have contractions. This made me so hopeful that she would be coming soon. Then an entire week went by, I was still having contractions pretty regularly  & my mom was doing everything to try to get me into labor. She was constantly pressing & rubbing certain pressure points on my body, making me press golf balls into the pressure points of my feet while counting cards at work. I even bounced on an exercise ball for 4 hours during a BYU game at my mom’s house trying to make my contractions more intense. Nothing we did ever made my contractions more intense. It was Labor Day weekend & we kept debating on whether we should go to the hospital just to have my contractions monitored & finally just decided to wait till my next doctors appointment the following Tuesday.

Tuesday September 8th I went to Dr. Nance’s office for my weekly routine check. They checked my protein levels, my weight, & my blood pressure. The nurse had to walk out of the room to grab something & as soon as she got back she read my blood pressure off the machine. It was 154/98, which is very unusual for me since during my entire pregnancy I was always in the 120’s. I wasn’t nervous or anxious, nothing had happened to my to make my blood pressure so high. Dr. Nance then came into the room & checked to see if I had progressed over the last week. I figured with all of those contractions I would have progressed a lot but he said I was still only dilated to a 2 & 75% effaced. He was very concerned about my high blood pressure so he decided to send me to the hospital to be induced…I was going to have a baby today or by the latest tomorrow morning!!

I called Chance to tell him the news & my mom took me back to my house to get my hospital bags. Chance met me at the house & then drove me to the hospital. As we were driving he looks at me & says, “you know this drive to the hospital is a lot less stressful than I anticipated. At least we aren’t rushing to the hospital at 2 in the morning after having your water break in a complete panic!!” My mom & mother in law met us at the hospital at about 1:30 & we waited about an hour till my room was ready & then I was admitted. They started monitoring me & checked my blood pressure ended up being absolutely perfect. So they called my doctor to make sure he still wanted me to be induced. My dad left work to come give me a blessing before everything started. In the blessing he asked our Heavenly Father to watch over the baby & I during this labor which brought me so much peace. I had always been so scared about going through labor but I knew that I was being watched over & had faith that everything would be okay. They started me on Pitocin at about 3:00 p.m. to get my contractions going & they had Doctor Thorpe who was the on call doctor at the time come in & break my water. It was so incredibly painful & he couldn’t break it, I was too posterior & my water sac hadn’t dropped into place where it was supposed to be so they would just have to wait until I progressed a bit further. So at about 5:00 p.m. Dr. Nance called my nurse & suggested I get my epidural so that when his clinic hours were over he could come break my water. I was hesitant to get the epidural so early into my labor but knew I did not want to feel them trying to break my water again so they got the anesthesiologist & I got my epidural. Every half hour they came in to turn up my Pitocin & soon enough I was on the highest dose they could give me. I couldn’t feel them but my contractions were going crazy on the monitor. Dr. Nance came & broke my water at about 7:00 p.m. & I had progressed to a 4 so we still had a ways to go.

Around 9:00 p.m. is when things started to get a little tricky. They kept flipping me to different sides because of my epidural but every time they shifted me over to my right side baby’s heart rate would drop. Most of the time it would jump back up to the baseline heart rate but at times it would take a lot longer than we would have liked. They turned me over to my left side & put me on oxygen. At one point babies heart rate dropped from 140 to 53 & that really got us worried. The nurses were fantastic though, as soon as her heart rate dropped they were in my room trying to figure out what was going on. They made me feel so well taken care of which I was so grateful for. In such a stressful situation they really helped me stay as calm as I could. We kept on watching the monitor & kept a good eye on that heart rate. They had to keep adjusting my Pitocin & at one point they turned it completely off that would help “restart” my body & help with the babies dropping heart rate.

The nurses let me know that Dr. Nance had been in contact with them about ever half hour & that he was monitoring they baby & I from home.  Then around 12:30 my nurse asked me if anyone had talked to me about the possibility of having a C-section. This threw me for a loop because not once during my labor had that ever crossed my mind. Then the phone in my room rang, it was Dr. Nance & he wanted to talk with me. He let me know that he was on his way over to the hospital & he was just calling to make sure I was doing okay. He said he could come & check my progress but he was very worried about my baby girl & her heart rate. He told me a C-section might be the best course of action to get her here safely. I was a nervous wreck, I started shaking uncontrollably so Chance & my mom tried to calm me down. Chance was a champion during the entire thing & my mom took care of every need I had, I couldn't have done it without the two of them. My mom was constantly asking me what I needed & what could she do for me. For hours she kept blotting me with a wash cloth because I was so incredibly warm the entire time. Chance presented a strong front the entire time especially when the babies heart rate was dropping. Even though he says he was nervous he never let it show & that really helped me through the entire labor. 

I was so relieved when Dr. Nance walked into the room. Throughout my entire pregnancy I had always felt so safe, & well taken care of by him. When it came down to it I just trusted that he knew what he was doing. He said I was progressing nicely but I was only a 7+ so I would probably be in labor for another 5 hours & the baby was just not tolerating labor very well. He promised he would take good care of us & they brought I the anesthesiologist to numb me for the operation. Chance got dressed in his hat, mask & gown…. he looked like a lunch lady & it made me laugh. My mom gave me a hug, kissed me on the forehead & told me that everything was going to be just fine. I tried to give her a reassuring smile as they wheeled me down the hall in the operating room. I felt like I was in a movie, looking up at the ridiculously bright lights in the room. They transferred me from my bed to the operating table & put up a blue drape to block my view. Chance sat diagonally besides me while the brought me a anesthesiologist, and then hooked it up to this hose that blew warm air in it. The entire time I had been in labor I had been so freaking warm so when he told me he could turn the air on cold I felt so much better. Even with the air cranked on me I was still so warm. Chance said that room was absolutely freezing. I was asked if I could feel any pinching on my stomach & I couldn’t. I was so numb all I could feel was touch & pressure. Chance gently brushed his hand back & forth over my forehead, his hand were cold & it felt so nice. I felt uneasy starring at the drape or the ceiling so I just closed my eyes for the majority of the operation & tried to focus on something else.

It was about ten minutes into the operation when Dr. Murdock warned me I was about to feel a bunch of pressure in my chest cavity. After a few seconds of this pressure I heard the most beautiful cry I have ever heard in my life. It was loud & strong, it instantly brought tears to my eyes. One of the nurses walked over to me with my sweet baby in her arms & said, “hey Mom!! Okay Dad come with me.” Chance got up & followed the nurse into another room where they cleaned her up a little bit & weighed her. A few minutes later Chance walked back into the room holding our sweet girl in his arms. In that moment my whole world changed. As I looked up at him holding our baby I swear I felt my heart burst. I had waited for this moment since I saw those two pink lines on my pregnancy test back in January. That is my baby. She is my girl. She is my daughter. I am a mother.

We took a few “family pictures” & then the nurse asked Chance if he would like to bring the baby to our room down the hall to show our families. I told him to go ahead & go see the Grandma’s since I wasn’t able to hold her yet anyways. So he ran down the hall while my C-section was being finished. During the C-section the doctors & nurses were so calm which really helped me stay as calm as I could (plus whatever drugs they gave me to calm me down) It was an amazing thing to just listen to them as they worked. They talked about half marathons they had ran & it was just another day at work. The entire procedure was about 45 minutes & before I knew it I was being wheeled back into my labor & delivery room. It wasn't till I got back to my room that we were told what that when they got to the baby the umbilical cord was wrapped so tight around her neck, then lodged against my bone & her head then wrapped around her forehead. The nurse had told my mom it was such a good thing that we did the c-section when we did because if we had continued on with labor there was a very high chance it wouldn't have been a good outcome. 

I wasn’t even able to hold her for about 40 minutes because my epidural had given me the shakes so badly that I was afraid to hold her. So once those finally calmed down I was able to hold my sweet baby girl for the first time. As I was holding her in my arms & I looked at Chance & asked if I could name her. He smiled at me & asked, “well what do you want to name her.” I looked at him, he already knew what I wanted to name her. I had wanted it ever since I was pregnant. I gave her a kiss & named her Brynlie Jo Bird.

Welcome to the world gorgeous girl. I love you more than you will ever know. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Marriage for Dummies

This is my absolute favorite quote about what marriage is. It describes my marriage with my husband, in fact just the other night we had a little fight before going to bed. As we both said what we needed to say, exchanged apologizes, & the cuddled to go to sleep. Chance sweetly said, "Do you know what I love about us? That not matter what we fight about I always know that we will be okay. That there is nothing that is going to make either of us just give up & walk out." Yes, I understand that we haven't been married that long, but guess what if you have that in your mind that no matter what you are not going to give up on this isn't that something everyone should do?? I feel like that is a great way to start off a marriage being on the same page. No we don't agree on everything & we fight. But we love each other more than we ever fight. I have been told all my life in your marriage you always learn new things, whether you have been married 25 years or 1 year, you along with your marriage continually grows. Through my own marriage & through the marriage of loved ones around me I feel like I have picked up on enough good knowledge to have a great marriage.

Having Real Expectations
Being married isn't always easy, it's not always fair, it's never perfect, & guess what it's not all about you. You are not better than your spouse you are equals & you have to compromise, even when you don't want to. Your life is not a movie, or a fairytale, it's real. Stop expecting your husband to be like those perfect men in your chic flicks. Be real, that's just what you do when you are in love. I think too many people now a days thinks that their spouse needs to give them this fairytale love story, & devote 110% of their time to them. All these girls have these unrealistic expectations of what a marriage is. A marriage is messy, fun, & sometimes aggravating, but at the end of the day it is a team effort. One person does not have all the responsibility to make you happy all of the time. That is such a huge burden to place on someone, especially your spouse & it is incredibly unfair. 

Your spouse & you aren't identical in every aspect of life, guess what that is a good thing. Just because you both have different interests doesn't mean you can't do them together. You have to compromise, even when you don't want to. Stop making your spouse do everything you want to do, do you not see how extremely selfish that it? But just because you don't like that your spouse hunts, or plays video games, or likes sewing you do not have the right to demand that they can't ever do that again. No one wants to be married to someone who acts like they are your prison warden.

I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t do you know what that mean?

Yes I just pulled out lyrics from a Webbie song, not the best example but let's be honest I sing that song every time I spell out independent just like I sing Gwen Stefani when I spell out B-A-N-A-N-A-S, give me a break alright. But having independence in a relationship is key. Yes you have chosen to spend your entire life with this person but does that mean you both signed on to be together 24/7 365 days a year?? NO! I love my husband but I am the type of person who has to see my friends. It may not happen as much as it did before I was married but those relationships are important to me. I do not have to be with my husband all day long, yes there are some days that we are & I love it. But we both like having time to our selves. Whether it is watching my TV shows that Chance dislikes before he gets home from working late or letting him play video games while I watch, or watch netflix on my ipad, or my husband letting me go on a week vacation to Florida while he is off hunting with his dad. Time apart is good. You shouldn't be ditching your spouse every night of the week for your friends but it nice to have some time for you. If you are never apart how are you ever suppose to miss your spouse?

Get Off Your High Horse
You are not better than your spouse, so stop acting like it. End of story.
 My awesome friend shared this quote with me yesterday that he has in his home, "The perfect marriage begins when each other believes they got better than they deserve." You are not perfect, neither is your spouse so stop expecting them to be. Don't look down on your spouse because you think you are this big catch that they don't deserve. You better just sign those papers now & spare your spouse from dealing with your crap any longer.

You Marry Their Family Too
I had already made up my mind that when Chance & I got married I would try my best to spend time with both families especially on holidays. Yes it would be easier to choose my family over his every time but guess what I don't. Want to know why?? I love his family!! Even if I didn't like them,  I understand the importance of being around family. I think it is so selfish when it is always about one side of the family. You marry their family too so you better set apart time for all sides of each family or you will create problems. This goes back to learning that it's not all about you.

I am not saying that I am perfect, ask Chance he will tell you that I am not but I try. We are not perfect together but like I said at the end of the day we always know we will be okay. I understand things don't always work out between everyone so you make think it foolish of me to think that I know Chance & I will make it. Think what you like though, I think that is the right mind set before getting into a marriage & a great mindset to have throughout your whole marriage. Not thinking oh if this doesn't work out it's no big deal we can just get a divorce no big. If that is your mind set before getting married spare us all & move to Mexico so we don't have to deal with you. You have to work on a marriage each & everyday but that isn't so hard when you marry your best friend. I'm one of the lucky ones, I have a great marriage, a great husband & an even better life because of those two things. Pull your head out of your butt & you will too. :] hahaha but really.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Year.

Since the day Chance stole my heart I dreamt about our wedding day & anticipated the sleepless night that accompanies it the night before. (& after HAHA!! ;]) I had spent a night before a wedding day with one of my friends who were getting married. Being so nervously excited she couldn't sleep so we were up all night & had minimal sleep. Then woke up very early for me to do her hair & then send her on her way. I assumed the night before my wedding would be just that. My last single night with a good friend being up all night due to the butterflies in my stomach. Instead I actually hung out with my fiance & family then went to bed. Of course I caught myself day dreaming & not feeling like this was real at all. I WAS GETTING MARRIED. Very quickly I fell asleep & you wanna know what?? I slept like a baby. (which was such a blessing since the next day was very long)

I woke calm. It felt weird to be so calm. I assumed I should be nervous with a bad case of butterflies stressing about every little detail......but I didn't. My amazing friend Melissa came over so early to do my hair for me. It was so nice to have a friend around just to talk with while getting ready just talking about old times. She told me that I was hands down the calmest bride she has ever seen. In that moment I realized it was more than just feeling calm. I felt secure, peaceful, happiness, & complete surety of the decision I was making to marry Chance. I had known since the day I met him he was different than the rest. Knowing that, I just knew that no matter what, today would be absolutely perfect. I had done all the planning I could do & I literally didn't care about the little thing or if everything went absolutely as planned. All I could think about was how lucky I was to be sealed to Chance in less than a few hours!!

Driving up the road to the Manti Temple was when the butterflies finally hit me. I jokingly told Chance, "I could still change my mind, I can still bail!" Accompanied by my amazing, worthy priesthood holding fiance we walked into that beautiful "princess castle." I can't even begin to tell you how sacred & beautiful ceremony was in front of parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends, & a special visit from someone I love & miss dearly. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I saw all these people here for us, just to be here with us as we were sealed for all time & eternity in our heavenly fathers house. Small, beautiful details such as the glow I felt I had, the way I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of my forever, the tears of joy from our parents, the glowing smiles from our mothers, the love & support from our loved ones, the feeling of my grandpa, are all things that I will always remember. Every simple detail about the sealing made this day more amazing than I could have ever imagined. 

To the one who means the absolute world to me, I just wanted to tell you that I love you. The day I you asked me to marry you I was the happiest girl in the world. You have changed my life more than anyone in my life. I know what the odds were saying about us ending up together. High school sweet hearts?? Not going to happen but lets add a mission to it to....HA that's IMPOSSIBLE. I had spent four years picturing our lives together & I could not think of a worse fate than living without you for the rest of my life. Thank you for being everything I need, always. This has been the greatest year of my life. I honestly tear up when I think of how lucky I am to have you. It still amazes me how kind hearted you are. Your compassion for others is outstanding. Thank you for being the most genuine, kind hearted person I have ever met. You are my best friend whom I share smiles, laughs, even sometimes tears & I can't wait to celebrate seventy two more anniversaries with you. Thank you for choosing me to share your eternity with. I love you more & more everyday. Knowing you are mine for time & all eternity......is the most beautiful dream that I never have to wake up from.

Happy Anniversary my love. Forever & always xoxo

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Three girls, a weekend, & one Bieber.

I will admit at the beginning I came down with a bad case of "Bieber Fever" he was just thing adorable little ball of talent & why I still enjoy dancing to his music he is turning into such a little thug that it makes me sad. I just hope he doesn't end up like Lindsay Lohan. Standing next to my friends Maddi, & Paige I probably had the least fever. I was dancing the entire time, Paige was absolutely love struck. Just kept going on about how hot he was. While Maddi & I compared him to my 11 year old brother. It's so true though I'm sorry he has a little boy body. Pretty ripped arms for his body but he will get there soon. But I do love the Biebs. If I didn't I doubt I wouldn't have planned a Vegas trip to go see him. I am getting ahead of myself let's go back.

I got a text from my friend Maddi literally a week after we saw him in Salt Lake in January, about going to see him again in California or Vegas. I was just sitting there looking at the text thinking "dude, we JUST saw him." Pretty sure I may have actually said that to her. She was not happy. I was already planning a trip to Colorado for Country Jam with some other friends & didn't think I could pull off two trips in two weeks right in a row. Maddi being Maddi offered to pay for my entire trip just so she wouldn't have to go alone. I just couldn't do that so I just agreed to go & figured it wasn't until June so I would have plenty of time to save for both trips although I was sure my husband would kill me. After the line up was announced for Country Jam I decided not to go since it wasn't going to be that great. I was relieved because that meant more money for Vegas. Which turned out to not be very much so there is no way I could have swung two trips in two weeks time! 

We had two other friends who were planning on going but when the trip got close they ended up not being able to go. This posed a problem because only Maddi & I were going to the concert which left Paige who would be all alone in the hotel while we were at the concert. We literally invited everyone we could have but it just didn't work out for anyone even after they said they were in the next day it changed. We came to the conclusion that Paige would just get a ticket & come with us. The day we left we ended up finding a single ticket by the section next to us so we bought it & went on our way. We stayed in Mesquite one night, hung out at the pool for the day, then headed to Vegas. Wow it was so freaking hot. We actually had an extreme heat warning while we were there. I don't know how people live there. I don't think I could be a Mormon & live there. I literally melted like a popsicle in my G' but I did prove yet again you can wear garments & vacation in Vegas. You can even be modest & go dancing. Who would have known?? It is possible people!!

I will tell you that I have been to a ton of concerts but I don't think anything will top the ear shattering screams of all the girls in his concerts. I am sure any dogs in the vicinity were dying from the sound!! Surprisingly our seats turned out to be way better than we expected which is always awesome!!! Paige was pretty close to us not enough to talk over all the noise so we motioned that when JB comes out she was to come up & stand with us. It worked like a charm. She stood by us the entire time! We just staggered our standing & stayed within our two chair area. We stood up sang,  & danced the entire concert. Didn't sit down once, which was defiantly worth the sore feet after. When I went to the concert in Utah I left happy I went but it was nothing compared to Vegas! The sounds, the lights, everything was so much better. He puts on a very great show. Whether you like him or not you have to give it up to him that he is such a talented person. He is quite the musically inclined individual with awesome dancing skills! (& a hot bod if you ask Paige)

I am so glad I went because it was such a great concert & the entire weekend was fabulous. I don't think we ever went to bed before 2:00 am. Such a great vacation with two quite amazing friends who I love!! I was happy to get back home to my husband though. :] I missed him a lot.

Summer Lovin'

Who doesn't love Summer?? There is something about seeing little kids out riding their bikes, or selling lemonade that just brings a smile to my face. The feeling of complete freedom comes to mind when I think back to my summers when I was in school. There was nothing better than the last week of school where we did absolutely nothing then suddenly we are set free for three months. Summer isn't as freeing as I remember it being since I still work but it is still just as fun. This is my first married summer & as annoying as us newly weds are saying that....it defiantly changes things but in the best way possible. We have done more things together than any summer before & I love it. I love experiencing new things with my husband. I honestly don't know how long it will take me to get used to having our own room on family trips. Eventually it will become normal I suppose.

I'm playing catch up from a few weeks ago because I have been so incredibly busy with work & with fun. I have had a great summer so far!! We took the boat out for a day on the lake & it was perfect. Averie was an absolute doll. She loved the boat except when we stopped moving, she wasn't too fond of that but really who is? I have to breathe deeply every time we stop & are being smashed with waves so I don't get sick. She even fell asleep in my arms for a good forty five minutes. I tried so hard to keep her from rocking with the motions of the boat but she slept soundly until it got a little chilly so I decided to put a light jacket on her. Yeah THAT was what woke her up. Figures haha.

 Josh Turner Concert

 I also had the honor of attending a Josh Turner concert in Orem with Mckell, her mom, & her moms friends. I seriously look at how those ladies are & can't wait to be a fun mom. Mckell & I go to so many concerts with them!! They are our concert crew & it defiantly isn't the same without them. They are the funniest, sometimes crude, young women calling themselves GILFS, dancing with 22 year old guys. I mean they are a freaking RIOT!! You haven't really experienced a concert if you havne't gone with them. We stalk to tour bus after with them, who does that?? Oh we do!! haha 

When we went to meet him we were super rushed which was sad. What the hell do you say to a celebrity that you have five seconds with to take a picture with? Especially when the workers helping where so beyond rude. When it was our turn he says to us "how are you doing?" Could have died with how beautifully deep his voice was. Phew. We didn't really answer, we were a little star struck. We politely said hi, smiled for a picture & in his deep sexy voice he said, "thanks for coming". Nothing stellar....he didn't propose marriage to me but it was still awesome. I still completely regret not sneaking a butt grab in though. If you don't know what I am referring too click here to read another butt grabbing celebrity moment Mckell & I shared. 

Anyways Josh Turner is a great entertainer, he put on a fantastic show!! I feel that I have been to so many concerts that I am spoiled & so picky about them. If they aren't dancing around or engaging the crowd I don't enjoy it as much. But Josh Turner did that the whole time. Damn his voice goes low. He sounds just like he does recorded, if not better. Just beautiful. I wanted to just die when he sang a cover of Billy Deans (touched his butt too) "I Wouldn't Be a Man". & how cute is this, his wife is the keyboardist & back up singer. So adorable you could just tell he was a good man. Family orientated & a christian man. It's safe to say I fell in love!! I would pay big bucks to see him again.