Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the story of love


noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.

1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend
I see love as being one of the most profound things on this planet. We always hear love is patient, love is kind but they never tell us how hard love really is. In all reality love is scary. Especially in high school because its never "real love." No one believes you even if it is real love you get the same response... your too young to know what love it. Most of the time we don't know what love is. I confess to telling some i loved them just because they said it to me. But who hasn't when they're fifteen? I do believe you can be in love when your young but i don't think you fully understand it until your older. Love is scary. Being so vulnerable to someone is what scares me the most. I have the tendency of trusting people too easily who just end up letting me down in the end. After that i shut down and try not to let anyone in but sometimes you just cant help it. Someone comes into your life who changes the rules to the game.

The thing about love that is so amazing is everyone can have, or be in love. People who's lives have been struck by poverty can have it. The rich cant buy it & the poor live for it. It has amazing healing powers. Love can be unconditional. It can withstand the element of time, its never separated by seas, and a hurricane cant penetrate it. Love can move mountains. No matter how much hatred and war in the world there will always be love. Love can & will last forever. Love is timeless, i love you the same if not more yesterday, today, & tomorrow. Love knows no distance. Love doest know miles, deserts or oceans love can cross them all. We see it all the time. Stories of grandparents being married for fifty plus years, fate bringing two unlikely people together. The beauty of love is love can be for a boy or a girl or a place or a way of life or a friend or even for a family. But where you find it is up to you. Whether you open your heart to love is also up to you.

But the world is out to destroy love. It wants you to believe there is no such thing as love. Why try when most marriages end up in divorce? So if we just don't ever fall in love we will never get hurt. But if we don't fall in love we will never be truly happy. The media has turned love into sex. But that's not always true...ask single teen moms. There is a war on love right now. Please don't ever let a chance at love slip through your fingers. I understand what its like to love someone its hard, sometimes scary but it can also be the most amazing feeling you've ever experienced. Love may change but willing to be open to love is the most important thing. So get out there and find the one:] allow your self to fall head over heels. It'll be the best thing you'll ever do.

"There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved."
-George Sand

"Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, Love still stands when all else has fallen."
-The Bible

"Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
-Elizabeth Browning

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."
-Sam Keen 

its a love story so baby just say yes:]

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