Friday, July 1, 2011


hi my name is brittney and I'm a wedding addict. hi brittney. welcome to weddings anonymous.
I have come to terms with my weddings addiction. I love everything about them.

i love the engagement story.
I love the rings.
I love the invitations.
I love the promises that are made.
I love how happy they are.
I love the countless hours of planning that went into this one day.
I love the dresses:].
I love the celebration of love.
I love the pictures.
I love the support that is shown from friends and family.
I love the joining of two families.
I love being apart of one of the happiest moments in someones life.
I love the anticipation of the night being over so they can begin their life together.
the beginning of happily ever after.

Its like i get a high from the feeling that surrounds weddings. I'm addicted to it. The allure that the happiness has on me is captivating. I love the thought of what if these two people had never met? How different would their lives have been. Is it just a coincidence or was it fate? But that fact was they did meet whether by coincidence or fate they were brought together & now their lives are intertwined. I've never really believed in soul mates i feel that someone could be happy with a number of people but i do believe that god places people in our lives for a reason & i do believe everything happens for a reason. So while I'm not living the married life i will live vicariously through all of you at your weddings. I find myself facebook stalking all you married people for your weddings pictures. So keep the weddings coming and let your photos be posted as soon as your get home from your honeymoon!!:] At least i still have say yes to the dress & David tuterra to keep the wedding bliss high strong in my head.

"Love is composed of a single soul
 inhabiting two bodies."

one day i'll have my happily ever after too:]

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