Tuesday, November 8, 2011

blast from the past

I was at work when i stumbled along these jems:] Old pictures of our family that were used in brennans wedding video. Its so crazy to see how much we have grown up. I hope you enjoy & poke fun at the horrible outfits we are in!!

hahah the swearter+mullet+the bear=golden picture.

One of my favorite pictures of me & brennan.
I have always looked up to him
(and not just because he's taller than me)

AWFUL OUTFITS how could you mom.

Brennan loved to get all his toys out of his toy box
and then sit in it. Ausin has this in his room right now.

My love for Dr. Pepper started at a young age.

Sea world!!!

This is my FAVORITE picture of brennan when he was little.
Just look at that freaking mullet haha.

ahhh little spencer. Look at his colorful outfit.

I can't tell you how many times i wore that witch costume
 year after year. I loved it haha

Brennan's baptism. That handsome man in the red tie,
thats my grandpa shepherd. He sure was handsome.
Look at my bow & my mothers long hair

Spencer used to wear this kiss mask year round.
We have video's of his dancing in the front room
playing guitar on a wooden stick with this mask on.

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