Saturday, September 8, 2012

Come what may & love it.

This is so applicable in my life right now. Life is so easy to love & be happy when it's going the way you want it to but when you feel like your life is off track it actually may have been off track before & now God is helping you get back on the track he has laid out for you. Going with God's plan will only bring you endless blessings you never saw coming but it's hard to know what God's plan is for you. But whatever it is you need to be positive!! For instance last week I got a flat tire & as a matter of fact I wasn't even mad!! Me & McKell were on our way to a concert & BAM flat tire on the freeway in Draper. Only 19 minutes away from our destination. We pulled of the road & were a little stunned. Who should we call?? My brother, then my dad & her mom & we found out that highway patrol would come help us so we called it in & waited. The whole time we were laughing hysterically nothing was going to get us down!! I turned to her & said "enjoy the journey!!" It made our night even more memorable & it was a funny addition to our night! Not saying this is how I treat every obstacle in my life but ideally this is how I should look at everything!! It's easier to say than actually do but it's something I'm trying to do. We all just need to learn to enjoy the journey, don't stress about the little things, live life to the fullest, & at least try love everything that comes our way:)

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  1. I have this quote hanging in my house. I love how uplifting the message is. Elder Wirthlin was one of my favorite speakers.

    On another note, it doesn't surprise me you were laughing at your flat tire. You always seem to have a cheery attitude. Keep it up! It is contagious :)