Tuesday, September 4, 2012

two girls, a butt, & a dream come true.

 My second mother Sue is a big wig at the hospital where she has worked very hard to get where she is today. Well she along with many others are in charge of a concert they put on every year that is completely free to kick off payson onion days. She is mostly in charge of finding out who they should bring to the concert. Last year they brought Billy Dean who was amazing, but i don't think anyone will top this year with Mark Wills I had only seen him one other time at the Salt Lake State Fair but i fell in love. My mom had to be up really early the next morning so we left while everyone stayed after & got to meet him!! I felt cheated!!! So when Sue told me he was coming i was so excited because we were going to be selling his merchandise which meant i would hopefully get to meet him:]

& i did. Plus much more than i ever expected.:]
Me & Mckell think he is so hot. We have this thing going that last year we touched Billy Dean's butt so now it had turned into a tradition to try & get a butt grab or graze from these famous country stars. So we are taking a picture & Mckell says to me "I'm trying to touch the booty" I sadly replied "i can't reach." 
Complete Devistation.  But hey at least i met him & got a picture with him. He laughed & we explained that it was tradition because we did it to Billy Dean.

So we were just sitting there just chatting. Mark Wills is such a chatter box. Seriously talked to us for 20 minutes like we were old friends. So I'm jealous that i didn't even stand by him in the picture so i asked Sue if we could get one with just me & mckell & she goes of course go ask him!!
So we go up to take a picture with him & he grabs both of our hands & places them on his butt & says "Go ahead girls grab it, there's enough of it"

So we are laughing hysterically & we make him turn around to take a picture so we could document this momentous thing that just happened. Literally made our whole life. Then he signs our badges & then finally decides it's time to back to the hotel & eat some dinner.

The End. Just kidding it doesn't end there. So then we tell him goodbye after inviting us to go see him again at the Westerner next month (which we will be there front & center) as soon as that car door shut the screams came out. I'm pretty sure i did a heel click also. We were so excited. It was probably all we talked about for the next week. So then i being the superfan that i have now become decided to follow him on twitter & why not i sent him a tweet & this was the result of it. :]

Do you see why i love him so freaking much:] So i am in the works of trying to convince my dad to let me book him for the Mapleton Day Celebration. I will do everything in my power to make it happen. So i can have another picture just like this one:]

So as you can tell this was a very big deal to Mckell & I & i can guarantee we won't forget it. So brush up on your Mark Wills because july 24th 2013 i will hopefully be performing in Mapleton:]

Below is one of my favorite songs of his. He talks about how "American" needs to deal with their own problems & stop trying to solve the worlds problems before we have ours under control. He is very prideful in his country & this song certainly shows it!! Looking for American:]

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