Monday, August 27, 2012

Practice safe friends

I know I have blogged about friendship before but this one is not so the i love my friends blah blah blah blog.

Actually my friends suck. Not all of them just a few.

But the ones that suck really do indeed suck. I do have some amazing friends but I have already figured out how fake some of them are since I've been married which has only been twenty three day but man are they dropping like flies.

A real friend is someone who is there for you no matter what. They are there for the worst times of your life & they are there for the best times in your life. They don't judge you & they are always by your side. They don't just change over night. Or maybe you think they change over night but really they just slip up & show you who they really are.

I don't think I expect much as a friend either is the thing. I mean is it really that hard?? Especially after all I have done for these certain people. Maybe i'm in the wrong. It's my fault for always being so loving & helpful when I should have just been fake like everyone else. But why wait till I'm married to show your true colors to me?? Couldn't you have saved me all the time & effort of me being a good friend when you were obviously done being one to me when obviously all along you didn't care.

Okay okay that is my pitty me venting for the day just had to get it off my chest.

But here is the upside I do have some amazing friends that have been there for me through good times & the bad times. Till death to us part. Nah there's no way that even death will break us up:) Glad I am really finding who my real friends are.

Don't be fake. People don't like fake people. Unless you are fake. Do other fake people like other fake people???? Hmmmm

Hahahahaha well that is all.

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