Monday, August 20, 2012

the beginning:]

I know i have been lacking on my blogging duty but give me a break i have been a little busy. :] As many of you know i married the love of my life chance bird 17 days ago, it was such an amazing day. The week before i was consumed with wedding plans & trying to get used to this extra layer of clothing i now had to wear:] I just wanted to fast forward to the day when i got to marry him. The morning of, my good friend melissa came early to do my hair. She kept commenting on how calm i was & how it was so weird & not like any bride she she has been with. That just made me smile because i really was so calm. I knew that no matter what this day would be perfect. I had waited all my life for this day & i wasn't going to spend it stressing about nothing. So all i did was just breathe:] I was more excited than nervous until we pulled into the Manti Temple parking lot. By then the butterflies in my stomach were at full force. i was getting married. I was getting MARRIED. holy shiiii.... That's what was going on in my head but to everyone besides my mother would have never thought i was nervous at all. I was beaming apparently.

As Chance & I were taken into a room i didn't want to look at him or even old his hand for fear i would burst out in tears of joy so i decided to study the beauty of the temple walls. So detailed & just gorgeous. I was so wrapped up in trying to keep my nerves down i was caught off guard when it was our turn to go. AH. no turning back now:] We sat in the sealing room & our sweet sealer chatted with us for a few minutes. Then everyone started to fill in & that's when i had the most amazing experience. My grandpa shepherd passed away almost four years ago & one of the things i was looking forward to the most was going to the temple & feeling him there. I had just noticed i forgot to bring his hanky with me & was disappointed. Then a thought entered my mind. "I sure hope he is here." Then without warning it just came over me. I felt like i was sitting on his lap. I could feel him from my head to my toes & i just started bawling uncontrollably. That accompanied by the overwhelming feeling of love & support from our family entering the room was just an incredible feeling that i will never forget. That went on for about 15 minutes & then i thought grandpa stop making me cry so much & then i was able to compose my self & listen to what the sealer was telling us. Words can't describe how amazing it felt to have him there. I have missed him so much, it was a sweet reminder that we will be with loved ones again after e pass through this life. Certainly an experience i won't soon forget!!! :]:]:]:]

I had a special tie to Manti. My parents & Grandparents were married there so the feeling there was special all day. The temple was beautiful, all the temple workers were so nice & so sweet i felt like a princess!!! I am married this is my day to be a princess. Did you hear that???? I AM MARRIED. & to be honest i didn't feel any different. haha. It hits me later but still shocks me to this day. Anyways where was i. Oh i was MARRIED:] Now it was time to get in that gorgeous dress i had dreamed about & drooled over when i finally found it!!! Me & Chance together in public in front of our friends & family it was such an amazing experience!!

We walked out & kissed for a picture & then of course i ran & hugged my friends first before anyone. Haha Mckell, Maddi, & Paige are more like family. They are my sisters. They were the first people i wanted to hug. So i did:] Then came lots of hugs & kisses from our families. Then we battled the Manti crowds to try & take pictures..... The Salt Lake Temple & Provo Temples were closed. So they had a very busy day 12 sealings & i was one of them. We had at least four brides in the bridal room. Lots of strangers saw me in the G's that day haha..... We ended up on the hill not the stairs which i know are going to be beautiful & unique since my photographer captured the temple in the background!! I can't wait to see them with all my friends & family!!

The rest of the day is almost a complete blur. That's how fast it went by i mean. Luncheon then the reception. My backyard looked amazing. The lights streamed across the back from our trees. All the planning & stress had finally paid off. Everything was more that i could have hoped for. We had a non stop line of people who came to see us i was completely overwhelmed. We had a five minute break to cut our cake & then itwas back to the line. I am so thankful to everyone who either attended the temple or the reception to show your love & support for me & my husband!! It was an amazing way start to our future together & i wouldn't have wished it to be any other way. I finally around 10 p.m. got to sit down & eat some of my soft serve ice cream we had. My feet were killing me & at about that time i was so glad i wore my cute vans & not high heels. (High five for that one) I danced around with my little brother Austin & then realized I wasn't completely packed. So with some help i got out of my dress helped clean up a bit, finished packing & then headed up to Park City to stay in our Presidential Suite at the Park City Hotel. Then went to Vegas & finished it off with mesquite!! It was the perfect trip. We came home & started moving into our home & that's when it finally hit me. I am married:] I still when people ask my name at the store or anywhere else i have to second think it. Brittney wa....Bird. Brittney Bird. Wow you are special. You don't even know your own name. Your name is repeat after me B-R-I-T-T-N-E-Y bird. B-I-R-D!!! You are now a bird. I hope i am not the only one who has problems going by their new last name.

So it is safe to say that I LOVE BEING MARRIED. It is seriously the best thing ever. Waking up to my husband is the greatest feeling ever. I am sure life will not always be so perfect as it is right now but all i will need to do is look at the glow i had on my wedding day & know i did the right thing, chose the right person, started the perfect life together. Again i would like to thank all of you who came to support us. I love you all & you will never know how much it truly meant to us both. Life is so good. It took a lot to get here but i wouldn't trade it for anything:]

Love, Mr. & Mrs. Bird :]

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