Friday, May 25, 2012


Before i tell my wonderful engagement story let's start with a little back history on me & chance for those of you who don't know. We met my junior year in high school. I was his supervisor at a mapleton city basketball tournament. Him & my little brother were keeping score. He was really tall, & he was bald. (he had just shaved his head along with all the baseball team for their first game) I had no idea who this Chance Bird fellow was but later learned we had been in a few same classes in jr. high. I had absolutely no idea he even knew who i was. But he did:] I had three games with him that day & the next day he wasn't scheduled to work so i figurativly speaking "grew a pair" & got his number off of my subsitution sheet & texted him. What did that text say? "You should bring me some cinna stix :]" Neither of us knew what that one little text would lead to. Over the next few weeks we had a few games together then he started baseball & he was done. But this is how sweet he is. One Saturday I had about six hours of tournament games & he came on that Saturday just so he could work with me. Then it was my birthday & i was working so after basketball practice he brought me a dr. pepper & sat with me through all my games i was supervising. I went home that night & told my mom that i had found the boy i want to take me to prom. haha :]

We'll he did eventually. After he won me over on our first date. HE ACTUALLY TOOK ME ON A DATE. I was blown away that he would want to take me out & spend money on me rather that just "hang out" at his house unlike every other boy i've ever met in my life. When he picked me up he went to my door to get me. Didn't just text me that he was here. Then to my surprise he opened my doors for me all night long. Now that may not be a big deal to you but that blew me away. I honestly had never had someone do that for me. On that first date i was hooked. That tall, blue eyed, blonde haired boy had my undivided attention. Then three days later i kissed him on my porch.:] As hard as i fought not to fall i He broke down every wall i ever put up & he actually fought for me. He was unlike any other boy i had dated.

The next two years flew by & i was facing one of the hardest things in life. Letting him go. But i did. He went on his mission to Lansing Michigan & i was left here waiting. It was hard to let it go but the blessings that i have seen in my life since he went are countless. I had two years of growth & so did he. But in all the time & all those miles apart i never fell out of love for him. Some how everything worked out the way it was supposed to. So all the worry &stress & the tears were all worth it. He came home to me & i loved it. I was so scared when he came back that he & i were going to be compltelely different people & become complete strangers to each other. But after taking some time to figure us out the answer was clear & we were together & i didn't ever want to be without him. so now to the goods!!!!! We obviously have talked about marriage for a while now but when it got down to it every aspect of marriage scared me. It's a big decision so i had to make sure it was the right thing to do. To be married to someone for all time & eternity is a big deal. As much as fought to find a reason why we wouldnt work it was struck down by complete faith that he was who i was meant to be with. So we started making small steps to that huge day. We had four years of trials, faith, growth, & love. We spent two years together & two years apart. I knew we could handle everything & anything.


May eleventh two thousand & twleve

I had been up to salt lake & thanksgiving point all day long helping my cousin danielle & nick with thier engagements/bridals/groomals. I was up at 7 am to do her hair & then we headed up. It was a long day. But chances mission companion also was having his wedding reception in eagle moutian that night so Chance picked me up at thanksgiving point around seven that night. We went to the reception & then he took me to dinner at olive garden ( my favorite place) Then we just headed home. I had to use the bathroom so badly so it was driving me crazy that he was driving so freaking slow. Ten under the speed limit at times i was gonna jump out of my skin. After taking the longest way possible to get to my house we finally got to my house & i went to the bathroom. I walked out & saw my dirty kitchen. My parents were out of town & being gone the house had only pilled on the dishes since i had left that morning. So i started cleaning. Chances aunt Stacey called & asked him if he would go to the Memorial Hall because someone had left the lights on. So he said of course he could go do that for her. He asked me to come with him. I was so tired & so fixated on how messy the house was i told him i was not going. After fighting about it for like five minutes he would not let up so i grabbed my phone and walked to the car. I did not say one word to him on the ride over. But i thought as we left my drive way would he be asking me?? Is that why he would not let me stay but there was no way. He didnt have my ring it wasn't sized yet. So i thought nothing of it. As soon as we pulled up i looked over at him & asked if i really had to come in with him. He smiled & said yes. As we walked to the the front i noticed a balloon from the window & thought something was clearly up. We walk in & i saw a table set up with flowers, balloons, candles, & cinna stix all where we had first met:] I turned around & there he was on one knee with my ring & he asked me if i would marry him. He stood up & i was like a deer in head lights. I could not believe what was happening. The only words i could muster up were "I hate you!!! I hate surprises!!!" Then i lightly punched him & then jumped into his arms!!! I didn't say yes for like five minutes. Then i quickly pulled away & asked, "did you ask my dad?? If not then i can't!!! hahaha" He had told me that when i was in payson dog sitting for my friends family while they were on vacation he had gotten my ring from my parents & gotten it sized after asking my dad of course like a good man should:) I always thought i would cry when this happened but i didn't know what i felt. I wanted to scream & run around in circles. I'd hug him & then freak out. I instanly felt like i had a fever i was so flushed!! I didn't even take a picture of us or what he had done i just grabbed my flowers & told him i was sick that we should leave:) haha oh man. I wish someone could have recorded that. I called mckell as soon as i got back into the car where my phone was & drove straight to payson to go see her. Im still in shocked that it happened. I can't stop looking at this ring on my finger. It's gorgeous!!! I seriously am the luckiest girl in the world to have that handsome 6'3 tall, blonde, blue eyed boy to call my fiance:) I haven't stopped smiling since friday & i dont think that is going to stop anytime soon!! August fourth can't come soon enough i can't wait until he takes me to the Manti Temple & i am sealed with him for all time & eternity. Sometimes life turns into the fairytale we always dreamed would happen. Mine started four years ago but i just hadn't noticed it till just now. :]

So now if you see me with a big smile on my face & a sparkle on my finger you now all know why. I am marrying the love of my life in a few months from now. :]:]:] i know a lot of people have said it before & i have said it before & i will say it again
august 4th can't come quick enough.


  1. So happy for you two! Congratulations! You deserve a great man and I am happy to have Chance in the family...even though I haven't met him I trust your judgement :)