Friday, April 20, 2012

In love:)

My life lately has been wonderful, I just got back from spending a week in mesquite with my family, I have a lot of concerts & adventures planned for this summer, & I've also got a hot date everyday:) For those of you who were wondering yes me & chance are together:):) We have been keeping a low profile about him & I when he came home. We'd already spent two years in a world with people trying to dictate our future together without even knowing a thing about us. Yes, I was incredibly scared & so was he. Two years is a long time & we both had to take some time to make sure this is really what we wanted. Getting out of my independence was hard. Learning that I had someone who I could always depend on was hard. But there is some place that never felt foreign to me even from the first day he got home was being wrapped up in his arms. It felt like the safest place in the world & it's my favorite place to be.

We had a few challenges to overcome doubt being a main fight for me. Is he really the one for me? Can I see my self being with him for the rest of my life? Are we now both so different that this just isn't going to work? But with some trust, a little faith & complete honesty we were able to get back to where we had been when before he left. I was scared & I wasn't sure where I was at. Where was he? Did he still love me? Did I still love him? But that thought in my head was quickly shot down. Every moment of doubt was followed by a simplistic moment that made me realize how much I loved him. He has broken down walls that no one else ever had a chance (no pun intended) to get through. He's been home almost three months but it feels like he never even left. We are talking about marriage so I hope that is in the near future. August has been an idea but nothing is set in stone as the moment. But don't worry when I know you'll know:) Even the difference of us both from a month ago is tremendous. I have no worries, I have absolutely no doubts. I can say that honestly from the bottom of my heart can't see myself with anyone else. I'm completely captivated by the tall, blonde boy always standing besides me:)
I can see what an amazing husband & future father he will be!!

So to the nay Sayers & backstabbers be sure to write your address down for a wedding invite but just remember when you said we couldn't make it. "That I said i wasn't waiting for him, or that it just wouldn't work out because I couldn't do it. We don't know what love is" So stick that in your juice box & suck it!! Especially those catty salon girls. Don't act like you know a thing about me & please stop prying information from my cousins when they come in to get their hair done please & thank you. Of course people are still going to talk. I'm sure they'll still be talking after we have grandchildren. I don't ever see an end to people being so bored with their life that they keep my name out of their mouths. Don't you dare talk down on or about anyone wanting to wait for their missionary. It's a hard thing to do & I have a new found respect for anyone who attempts it. It's hard & you understand only when you've been through it. Even to girls who I know haven't waited, good for trying I know how hard it is but no one who has or hasn't waited shouldn't be looked down on or talked about. Mind your own business.

But I'm starting not to care what people say or think about me & my relationship. If your talking about me behind my back then obviously your opinion means nothing to me. I have actual friends & a loving family to back me up. I have something that no one else has. Gregory Chance Bird the sweetest most amazing man i have ever met. I don't know how i got so lucky because i clearly don't deserve him. But i have him & I'm never letting go. It may have taken two years in high school, another two hard years on a mission, mistakes were made, blessings were found but all in all we made it through it all together & now we feel like if we can get through that we can make it through anything. This girl is ready to take on the world in hand with the love of her life.  Now I don't see how I ever even doubted it:) we appreciate all the love & support from our friends & family we love you all;) our future is looking bright I can't even wait for it:):):):)


  1. wow... i had tears in my eyes!!! your one strong girl brittney wall.. stand tall keep your head lifted, cuz all that matters in life is your family!! waiting for a missionary is honestly the scariest, hardest thing in the world.. i couldnt do it! we all hope for the best with you two and ALL your family loves you and him, thats all that matters! xoxo <3

  2. You two are adorable! Danielle is right - you are a strong girl! I am glad you aren't letting other people's opinions influence what you know to be right. I am happy things are working out so well for you and Chance. I've never met him, hopefully I'll get the chance to sometime this summer. :)