Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my sweet baby girl

i am so freaking baby hungry.
but not for me.

I cant wait until she gets here. June 5, 2012 (approximately) is when i will be a proud aunt of a beautiful baby girl:] I can't even wait. It's all i can do not to already stock pile years worth of clothing for her before she is even born. It's amazing how much i love her & i haven't even met her yet. I have to admit it was quite the shocker to find out that my little brother & his adorable girlfriend would be having a baby. But once the shock wore off we welcomed the new addition to our family.

I'm seriously so excited i cry when i think about her. Kimie so kindly let me & my mother attend her five month ultrasound with her & her mother. OH MY:] i have never seen anything like it. It was my first ultrasound i had ever been to & it became so real when i saw her. She was like a tiny dancer kicking her legs up by her head & then stretching out as far as she could. I silently cried the entire time. I saw her little heart beating, saw her little ribs, ........i saw her. Melted my heart. That little angel means the absolute world to me. I don't know how i could love anything more. I honestly don't think i could out love her:]

A few weeks ago i was blessed to feel her kicking!!! My brother is the only one she kicks for & stops when anyone else touches kimies belly but i thought I'd try my luck anyways. She was leaving to go home so i got up ti give her a hug & then touched her baby bump to tell my little angel goodbye when i felt thud, thud. I froze for a second & asked kimie if that was the baby. She smiled & said, "yes." I lite up i was so happy. I started screaming, "she kicked, she kicked i felt her!!! ah:]" Sorry Spencer looks like she likes me too!!! Sweet baby without a name yet i will be counting down the days until June 5th. If you'd like to be a little early that's okay with me! Try not to be late i don't think i can wait any longer than i have to:]:]

I can't wait to meet you little one.
I'm such a proud aunt already.

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