Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sean Michael Halladay

Tuesday was undoubtedly the most heart breaking day in my life. I feel like right now i am not even capable of comprehending what just happened this morning. I lay here anxiously awaiting his unannounced visit at Paige's house like he always did while we were sitting here in her room. I can't decide if it has fully hit me yet it seems to come in waves but in that tender moment when I'm reminded he is gone i can't help to shed a few tears. The funeral was beautiful, so much was shared. I never really knew his family before this but after we have gone through this i feel like i have known them forever. I grew such a great love for his mom, step dad, sisters, & brother. They are so welcoming & sweet for the past few days i have felt right at home with them. The first day i met his mom i was over at Paige's house because she had called me that morning & told me the news so i quickly rushed over & stayed by her side all day. Heather & Scott stopped by & Paige introduced me. Heather with a tear in her eye & a smile hugged me like she knew who i was & said "I know exactly who you are, Sean talked about you all the time." This was such a sweet tender moment & i surely won't soon forget it. Aside from the horrible reason we came together i feel truly blessed to have spent the time i have with them & really grown to love them so quickly.

Paige took me took me to the tree where you crashed & i couldn't help but think of every why question in my head. Not knowing exactly what happened spikes my curiosity & i can't help but wonder what happened. I know everything happens for a reason but it doesn't make it easier to accept. But knowing i will see you again is such a huge comfort to me. I don't know how i would be able to handle this without the knowledge that i do know. It won't stop my tears but it will defiantly bring a smile to my face. Just like Sean always could:]

I had so many great memories with Sean. How could i not? He was one of my best friends & he was like a glowing ball of happiness. You could not hold a straight face when he was around. He lit up a room with out even trying with those big brown eyes, & that infectious smile. I became really good friends with him in tenth grade when he started dating my best friend Paige Seat. We were instantly best friends & that bond will never be broken. When Paige was pregnant with baby b Sean was there every step of the way but biologically Brynlie wasn't his daughter. But to me Sean will always be Brynlie's daddy. He went to every doctors appointment, was there in the hospital when she was born, he took care of the dad role & he was absolutely amazing at it. I remember him being so excited to take Paige to prom that year before bryn was born. I was at school & it was "T-Bone Tuesday" which was something Brady, Sean, & I would do all the time. I honestly don't hardly recall a time when Paige came with. Some times a random friend would come but i always wondered why i was allowed to go:] We got back to school & I'm walking to my fourth period class & low & behold Brady & Sean pull up next to me & tell me they need my help to go pick out their tuxes for prom. So me being the honor student that i was said no. HAHA that's a lie. I would take any excuse to leave school. So i hoped in the car & off we went to go get their prom attire. That memory for some reason stands out in my mind. I don't know why but it is one of my fondest memories of him.

I remember every time i would go eat a Joe bandidos & I was never sat in his area but he ALWAYS would come fill up my drink if he was there. always, always. It's the little things like that, that truly meant the most to me. Now everyone who knows him enough knows how much he loved music. Techno/dubstep included. So obviously raves were one of his favorite things to go to! Me & Paige were always on board because we also shared the same interest in them as he did! I can't even name all the ones we have been to but my absolute favorite one was a almost four years ago to one called Get Lucky. Only him, Paige, & I went together. But honestly that was all we needed. Anyways we were driving up to Salt Lake in Sean's car & they were doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Holding hand, laughing, giving each other a kiss on the cheek & i just busted out in tears. My now husband at the time was on his mission in Michigan & hadn't been gone more than maybe 3 weeks & i was heart broken. Seeing them together made me miss him so much. To cheer me up Sean played on repeat my favorite benny bennassi song for literally 20 minutes over & over until he could get me smiling & dancing in the back of the car. That night to date was the funnest time I've ever had. Just dancing with each other listening to the music being with the only two people that could make me that happy in that moment in time. Nothing has ever topped that. We never needed anyone else around when it was just us & i loved that so much. He would sit & cuddle with me when i was sad he always knew how to make me laugh. He has helped me with so many things that i don't think i ever truly expressed how much it meant to me. He always thought the best of everyone, no matter you story. He believed full hearted in people & their dreams. He was seriously unlike anyone i had ever been friends with. I opened up to him about things i didn't dare tell anyone else for fear of being judged. I knew he would never act that way towards me. Even when i was at the lowest points in my life he knew how to lift me back up. He always believed in me & that never wavered.

When i got home from the funeral i was just messing on facebook & found this.

It just goes to show how truly appreciative he was of the little things. Everything that seems like little tiny things that most of us would over look he took into his heart. What was so special about our relationship was it didn't end just because him & Paige did. Maybe it was because they never really ended on a bad note things would just get complicated. But he always wanted to stay friends. Whether it was a text or a fb comment or a ride to talk & get a drink he always wanted to keep in touch. Then when they would get back together it was like BAM connected at the hip all three of us. We seriously had the best times together just sitting in Paige's room talking.
He was the absolute sweetest person i have ever met. There is absolutely no one like him. I've never seen someone who could just make friends with an absolute stranger like he could. He was constantly, without fail so good at reading people & he always knew what they needed. Through all his kind acts & words he never expected it back. He was truly out to do good no matter what was going on in his life, no matter what hard times he was going through. Sean Michael Halladay is the sweetest, most amazing person i have ever come in contact with. & i can't wait till the day when i will get to see him again. See that sweet smile:] Sean you will always hold a special place in my heart. So only to be able to share memories about him would & not say he was one of the most influential people I've ever met would be untrue. The things he wanted to do, the dreams he had. He wanted to open up a home to help troubled youth because at a young age he was dealt a hard life. All he seriously wanted from his life was to help everyone some how big or small he wanted to help each & every person he met to either smile or just have a bit of a better day. He just wanted to help. Anyone. Everyone. He just wanted to help.

My sweet Sean i will never forget everything you have taught me. I will miss you so much but i swear to be by Paige's side through all of this like i have been already. I will take your place & be her foundation when she doesn't have one. She is so lost without you but with our help we will help her find her way. She loves you so much, same as i, & brynlie. I love you so much i am blessed to have known you as long as i have. You have the most infectious attitude that will live on even now that you have passed. Prepare our way up there & have fun reaching even those unimaginable dreams you have because now nothing can hold you back. Your life has no limits in heaven where you are now watching over your loved ones. I cannot wait to be greeted with those big brown eyes & that sweet smile when i pass on. You have truly changed my life for the better. In honor of you i promise to try & be more like you. Having a more positive outlook on life & just love everyone, literally everyone like you did. I love you so much, forever & always you will never leave my heart you are an inspiration to so many & mostly to me. Memories forever, never forgotten best friends to the end. Love you Sean Michael Halladay:]

We put a smile on our faces because despite all "it was a beautiful day."

Bryn's flowers to Sean.
When I Get Where I'm Going

When I get where I'm going,
On the far side of the sky,
The first thing I'm gonna do
Is spread my wing and fly.

 Im gonna land beside a lion,
And run my fingers through his mane.
Or I might find out what its like,
To ride a drop of rain

Yeah when I get where I'm goin,
There'll be only happy tears.
I will shed the sins and struggles
I have carried all these years.
And I'll leave my heart wide open,
I will love and have no fear.
Yeah when I get where I'm goin,
Don't cry for me down here

 I'm gonna walk with my grand daddy.
Then I'll hug his neck.

Brynlie without being told wore this
watch that Sean had given her.
She will forever love, & miss

her daddy.
her daddy.

Yeah when I get where I'm goin,
There'll be only happy tears.
I will shed the sins and struggles
I have carried all these years.
And I'll leave my heart wide open,
I will love and have no fear.

Yeah when I get where I'm goin,
Don't cry for me down here

So much pain and so much darkness,
In this world we stumble through.
All these questions I can't answer,
And so much work to do

But when I get where I'm goin,
And I see my maker's face,
I'll stand forever in the light,
Of his amazing Grace.

Yeah when I get where I'm goin,

There'll be only happy tears.
I will love and have no fear.
When I get where I'm going
Yeah when I get where I'm going

Every minute sence he left,

And I'll tell him how I missed him

And he'll match me step for step.

A Letter From Heaven
To my dearest family, some things Id like to say.
But first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from heaven.
Here I dwell with God above.
Here, theres no more tears of sadness;
Here is just eternal love.

Please do not be unhappy just because
I'm out of sight.Remember that I am with
 you every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you when my life
on earth was through.God picked me up
and hugged me and He said, I welcome you.
Its good to have you back again, you were
missed while you were gone.As for your
dearest family, They'll be here later on. 

I need you here so badly, you are part of my
plan.There is so much that we can do, to help
our mortal man.God gave me a list of things,
that he wished for me to do.And foremost on
the list, was to watch and care for you.And
whenyou lie in bed at night the days chores
put to flight.God and I are closest to you....
in the middle of the night.

When you think of my life on earth, and all
those loving years. Because you are only
human, they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry; it does relieve the
pain.Remember there would be no flowers,
unless there was some rain. I wish that I could
tell you all that God has planned. If I were to
tell you, you wouldn't understand.

But one thing is for certain, though my life on
earth is over.I'm closer to you now, than I ever
was before.There are rocky roads ahead of you
and many hills to climb; But together we can do
it by taking one day at a time.It was always my
philosophy and Id like it for you too;That as you
give unto the world, the world will give to you.

If you can help somebody who is in sorrow
and pain; Then you can say to God at night
....My day was not in vain. And now I am
contented... that my life was worthwhile.
Knowing as I passed along the way I made
somebody smile. So if you meet somebody
who is sad  and feeling low; Just lend a hand
to pick them up, as on your way you go.

When you're walking down the street and
you've got me on your mind; I'm walking in
your footsteps only half a step behind. And
when its time for you to go...from that body
to be free. Remember you're not going...
you're coming here to me.

We all love & miss you so much Sean.

Families are forever. He will always be in your heart &
he is up in heaven watching over you all.
Scott, Heather, Britni, Sadie, David, & Paige i love
you all more than you will ever know & so does Sean

"Be Fearless If you make only one resolution this year, let it be to live boldly.
You control this moment: Rather than cautiously test the water, dive straight into
life with freeing abandon. Imagine the person you want to be and the life you want
to live, then simply commit to them. Believe in yourself. Embrace your beauty.
Discover a new passion. And whatever you do, wherever you go,
don't be afraid to make a splash."
♥ Sean Michael Halladay ♥


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