Wednesday, January 4, 2012

15 Concerts in a Year:]

It's no secret that music is a huge part of my life. My Grand mother has a beautiful voice which was inherited by my mother who is the reason i can even carry a tune. I love music. I don't write it but i hear it, i sing it, i feel it. I don't know what I'd do without music. So it's no wonder that this summer me and my best friend McKell made a goal we thought was going to be unreachable. We were going to attend at least 15 concerts in a years time. And guess what?? I got to seventeen:]

1.Linkin Park
Energy Solutions Arena
2. Skrillex

3. Benny Benassi

4. Dierks Bentley
Miller Motor Sports Raceway

It rained the whole entire time. But he's so sexy it was so worth it.
Not to mention how close we were:] 

5. Bruno Mars
UCCU Center

We waited after the concert to stalk bruno. After having old men & cops tell us he has
 already left we still waited. Limo came and left and we followed it all the way to draper.
Phil Lawrence (the one who says "oh my gosh that was great" in brunos lazy song)
rolled down the window waved and yelled "we love you guys" out the window.
We were hysterically screaming and he rolled up the window while laughing.
So we moved to the other side and who's profile through the window do we see?
Bruno:] he so kindly rolled down his window and maddi almost passed out driving. :]

6. Motley Crue & Posion
USANA Ampitheatre
Tommy Lee's 360 degree drum solo.
It was freaking AWESOME!!

7. Brad Paisley
Stadium of Fire

 8. Ryan Shupe & the Rubberbands
Ryan Shupe so freaking nice.
Best personal assistants ever.
 9. Kenny Chesney
USANA Ampitheatre
Sexy Billy Currington:]

 10. Tim McGraw 
Luke Bryan and his tight pants. yummm.

he walked ten feet in front of us. I almost died.:]

the band perry

11. Mark Wills
Thompson Square
Mark Wills so fun!!!

 12. Billy Dean
Payson Hospital Kick off to Onion Days Concert
We were so excited to get to meet Billy Dean:] We sold his merchandise
for him at the show, got to meet & have dinner with him after.
Seriously one the most laid back, genuinely nice person. We also
may have secretively grabbed his butt too:]

13. Rascal Flatts
USANA Ampitheatre
 14. The Uproar Festival
Bullet for my Valentine

Escape the Fate

Three Days Grace

Avenge sevenfold

15. Nero

16. Jason Aldean

17. Hollywood Undead
In the Venue

These are memories i will never forget. I may have spent a lot of money to be able to do this bucket list check off but when you listen to the radio or watch the CMT music awards and can say you've seen almost everyone performing in concert it's pretty awesome. Concerts are one thing i will not stop doing until i die. They are my absolute favorite thing to do. I've got plenty more on my list for this year already:]


  1. you are one lucky gal! i love concerts! xoxo
    elsha rae.

  2. awe you are so sweet. Just blog stalked you. You are beautiful!!! & your wedding dress wow!!! Now following you:]