Monday, December 31, 2012

Happiness to the New Year.

The expectation of the new year finds itself in every one's mind when they are counting down the seconds till they get a "fresh start" at a new year. I can honestly say that i am sad to see 2012 go. It was absolutely the best year that i have had in my entire life. I made decisions that will affect my life forever...(in the best way possible!) Love was the most active ingredient in my life this past year but i know that will only continue to grow. I am usually so excited for the New Year because it makes you feel like you have a clean slate with an entire year to complete all of your New Year goals (which most of us stop trying after a month, it's okay we are human!) Of course there are things to look forward to for the next year but you never know what is going to come whether it be good or bad there is always going to be some unknown. But that's okay because there is absolutely no way of knowing everything that is going to come our way. But change is eminent in this world we live in. But on the opposite side i welcome new change because this last year has been so great.

Why was 2012 such a great year you ask??

02.02.2012 Chance FINALLY came home from mission.
05.11.2012 I got engaged to my best friend.
06.12.2012 My beautiful first niece Averie was born:].
06.12.2012-08.01.2012 I got to plan my wedding
08.04.2012 I married the love of my life in the Manti Temple & had my (pre planned since I was 10) backyard reception that i loved. That was the happiest day of my life & is defiantly the top reason that i am so sad to part with 2012. Being married has been the best thing i ever did.

But it's not like i am sitting here on the couch crying looking at my wedding pictures building a fort at barricading the door hoping i can stay in the 2012 & not be in the new year. haha There are some things to look forward to in the new year & somethings i know are going to be sad. But that's life.

What 2013 will bring??

Justin Bieber concert with my girls!!
I will turn twenty two years old.
My second niece Harper will be brought into the world.
My brother Taylor will leave on his mission to New York!!
In March Chance & i will have been together for five years:]:]
My niece Averie will turn one! She is getting so big!
The Child, Allred, Bird California Trip!! We are going to DISNEYLAND
My husband & I will celebrate our first year anniversary of our wedding:]

& who else knows what this new year will bring. Like i said it is mostly unknown but whether it's good or bad i know that with out any doubt that I will be surrounded by friends, family, & those i love especially my husband who will be there for me no matter what happened. So as absolutely amazing 2012 was to me i can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for me.  So bring it on!! So you better believe that i will be spending my last few moments of 2012 with Chance's family at his aunts house with his entire extended family & i will be kissing my husband to start off our New Year together. Because i know that no matter what comes our way we will be together.

So here's to hoping you have a great New Years too!!:]

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  1. what a fun, exciting year you have had! Being married is the greatest!! your blog is seriously so cute!!