Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother Knows Best

While some of my haircuts & hairstyles over the years have been very questionable at times, I know I have been blessed with the most amazing woman in the world to call my mother. From early on I knew my mom was cool in jr high when a guy friend of mine declared her as a "hot mom." Life is sometime hard when your moms a MILF. HAHAHAHA :]:]:]But I have been told by many boys that I will be a hot mom due to my mom being a hot mom. So I have that going for me!! But really if you know my mom you have very rarely, if ever seen her not made up. She is always perfect, not a hair out of place & does not like to be seen without make up on always. Whether she is camping or going to work my mom always tries to look her best. Not that she is vain or has something to prove to the world, she simply just likes to look her best at all times.
 Being my mothers only daughter I have had the privilege of having my mother be my best friend. What started from barbie dolls, dance lessons, & endless hours of watching Aladdin over & over, turned into constantly being together. I think I am with my mom more than I am with my husband. Not many daughters get to work with their mothers & live with them at the same time. Since getting married I don't live at home anymore but I do live maybe two minutes away from my moms house. We are constantly together. I'm at work with her daily, we go shopping together of course, we go to the dermatologist together, same with the dentist, eye exams, work errands, grocery shopping, concerts, chiropractor appointments, doctor appointments, back to school shopping for my little brother, visiting relatives in the hospital, we babysit Averie together, weekly dinner get the picture right?


I remember countless times around the age of sixteen saying "I will never be like my mom." Well sixteen year old me you totally jinxed yourself because every day I realize more & more that I am my mother's daughter. I am exactly like her & I am okay with it because she is one amazing woman. The lessons I have learned from her are countless. She has taught me so many things & still continues teaching me today. I have been blessed with such a great relationship with my mom. I couldn't imagine life without her.
To try & tell you the best thing you have ever taught me is hard but the one that I appreciate the most is teaching me how to be a hard worker. I know you were taught that from your amazing parents & I am grateful you passed that onto me. I know I was raised with a pretty comfortable life with you guys as my parents. I had nice things, I always had what I needed & a lot of what I wanted. I never paid for my car (besides gas), i never paid for my insurance, or my cell phone. While others may turn there nose up at this I would like to remind them of one thing. My family had worked for everything they have. My dad was laid off from a job he had for over ten years & we were close to loosing our house. My parents have worked so hard to build up there own business after this unforeseeable unemployment for my dad. My parents have owned & operated their business together now for five years. Instead of them telling me how to work hard, they show me. They have shown me all my life. I have watched them & seen how hard work pays off in life. Sometimes yes I wish my family was rich & money wasn't an issue. But I would rather work hard for the things I have in life instead of being handed everything I want. It was one of the things I wanted the most from my future husband & I got it. But I wouldn't have never been looking if you hadn't taught me.

I know they say a father is their daughters first love.....& I believe that along with our mothers being our first & longest lasting best friend from birth. So why I know when you start to grey & those small wrinkles on your gorgeous face...may or may not be my fault....know that I love you. All the love, all the fighting, all the lessons, all the fun, all the growing up has made me realize.....I love you more than words can express mom. I hope to one day be as beautiful, supportive, driven, reliable, wise, humble, comforting, loving mother that you have been to me. Thank you for everything you constantly do for me.

I must give another shout out to the woman I am blessed to have as my mother-in-law Trudy Bird:]. From day one she has welcomed me into her families life & made me feel apart of the family. She is the most easy going person I have ever met & she would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. I will be forever grateful to her for the way she raised my husband. I know the reason why he is such an amazing man is because of her. Thank you for always being here for us & always making sure we know you are always there for us. I am happy to call you my mom:] She is truly a giver & I am lucky to have her!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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