Friday, May 17, 2013

Mornings with Austin

I have the privileged of always watching my little brother when my parents are out of town. This month I have had him two weekends in a row. He generally stays over at my house when my parents are gone because I have to open up our printing shop at nine & get him to school so it's just easier for me. Sometimes he is really good at getting himself up & getting ready when I ask him. But every once in a while I have to fight him. Let me mention that this is THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL before summer. As he woke up this morning he came to lay in my bed for a few minutes & told me, "I think I have a kinked neck". I had promised my mom he wouldn't talk me into letting him stay home. About fifteen minutes later he walked into my bathroom as I was getting ready & said, "I think I have a pus pocket in the back of my throat do you have a flashlight?" So I looked & couldn't see anything. I just kept telling myself to stay strong. I even had to text Chance for some moral support. I am a sucker for Austin. I will literally do anything he ask me to do. He is just so dang cute I can't resist!! As he was coughing & clearing his throat to prove his point I made us some waffles. Little did he know it was all a test. I completely studied him as he swallowed his food. He never winced, made a noise, or struggled to swallow his food. Then I offered him some medicine to help but he refused to take some so I decided then that he was faking. After breakfast he tried to get ready as slowly as humanly possible to insure that he was late. So as we pulled up to the school I tried as fast as I could to write a note for him to excuse him for being a few minutes late. I tried to get away it done without him seeing it. He read it & gave me the look. He said, "I don't like what you wrote. I'm not going to give it to her." So I said, "fine then you'll have detention (he knows there is no detention is elementary school right??)..have a good day loooove you!!" He didn't think it was as funny as I did. I sure love that boy. He is so funny. I am telling you he is a clone of his older brothers. Never wants to go to school!But that was a little insight into what getting Austin ready for school usually takes. Can't wait till my own kids act like this!! 

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