Wednesday, May 15, 2013

These are a few of my {New} favorite things!!

So I know I have been not so very good my blogging duties. I am sorry. Life is busy. I wanted to tell everyone about some amazing finds I have fell absolutely in LOVE with. All of these things I have had my eye on but just wasn't ready to loosen the purse strings just yet but I finally just went for it when I had a little extra money & it was so worth it.

Have any of you ever heard of Jaclyn Hill?? Well if you haven't let me tell you she is amazing. She is a total youtube makeup artist guru. She teaches you all these tips that she learned form going to MAC Makeup School & working for MAC for years. If your like me, I am not brave with my make up. I try new things & I end up hating it so I wipe it off then put my make up on like usual. When I do others make up for dances & weddings it turns out looking so great, then i try it on myself same situation I hate it on myself. I have rather large eyes accompanied by large eye lids. it creates problems believe it or not. Anyways I have always wanted some nice make up brushes. I had watched one of her youtube tutorials on brushes. She compared these Sigma Brushes with her Mac Brushes & said they are the same if not better for half of the price. I believe her. So i bought some & I LOVE THEM. Best thing I have ever bought myself. 

Sigma Beauty Make-up Brushes: They seriously are so amazing. The price can't be beaten. You can buy the brushes individually or in a kit. Like I said I absolutely love them. Best purchase ever. They apply the make up to my face to evenly & I have noticed I don't use as much make up as I was using before due to the quality of these brushes!

Urban Decay Naked 2: I love every single color in this palette. I am a very neutral toned lover when it comes to my make up. Shimmer & browns are always my go to so this palette was perfect for me. I have yet to try a silver & black smokey eye with it but that's my next brave moment to try. If you buy this I promise you won't regret it!!!

Maybeline Gel Eye Liner: This accompanied by my small angled Sigma brush makes for the most perfect lined eyes. This stays on all day, it's water proof & I never have to reapply!! I personally am not drawn to pencil eye liners, if I have a day where I just want to wear base, eye liner, & mascara the pencil eye liners get all over your eyelid by the end of the day. Not cute. So I started using liquid mascara & really liked them. But I am a perfectionist & you can get crazy if you accidentally bump yourself while applying it or put it on too fat when your in a hurry. This is the perfect happy medium between the pencil liners & liquid. I love it!!!

They're Real Mascara by Benefit: I bought this on a complete whim. I wasn't planning on having it but while I was in Sephora it was like it was calling my name. "Brittney you need to buy me. Your eyelashes need me." I talked myself out of it & walked around the store for a few more minutes then before I knew it i bought it. I seriously just had to have it. It''s the most expensive mascara I have ever bought but let me tell you it is absolutely amazing. I know a really big trend right now is eye lash extensions & I have thought about getting them but I am so afraid of them ruining my real lashes. I know a few people where the extensions totally thrashed their natural eye lashes & took so long for them to grow back in. In addition they are expensive & to keep them looking their best you usually have to get them filled every two weeks. So i took this approach. I do naturally have pretty long lashes but nothing is ever enough right?? My lashes are so much longer when I wear this, lasts all day, & doesn't flake. I have really loved what my lashes look like since I bought this. The brush is unlike any other mascara brush I have ever used.

Sigma Brushes can be found at
The Naked 2 Palette & They're Real Mascaracan be found at Sephora
Maybeline eyeliner can be found at Walmart/Shopko etc. 

My wish list for my next paycheck :]

Nars Orgasm Blush
Nars Albatross Highlighter

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