Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am thankful.

Seeing as it is the month of November we are surrounded by colder weather, beautiful fall leaves, early Christmas music, black Friday shopping preparation, & men who forgot how to use a shaver. The best part about this month is Thanksgiving because that means being surrounded by family & tons of food. Which may not in turn be a good thing for fatten us all up. Oh well i am sure there is a tremendous increase in gym memberships after the new year is introduced to us & we see we have gained ten pounds. Anyways back to November:] On my social media sites i have been doing the 30 days of what your thankful for in your life, & so i can have it too look back on & maybe put into more detail i wanted to do it on my blog.

November 2012
I am thankful for....

1. First & foremost i am thankful for my sweet husband. He does so much for me & he absolutely has no idea how much i love him. We have only been married almost four months but eternity is looking great right now:] Being married has taught me so much & i now know that i could not live without him. I look through out engagement pictures, bridals, & wedding day photos & its all i can do not to smile like it was that day today. I am as happy today if not more than the day we were married. To not have to say goodnight & have him have him there with me every night next to me & wake up seeing him still gives me butterflies. I have a husband haha. That still makes me smile when i say that. I am the luckiest girl in the world, i know other girls think they are but they obviously have never been married to Chance {thankfully so} because he is all mine!! I am excited to spend these holidays together it will be significantly different than how i am used to spending the holidays but i welcome it, as long as i get to be with him. I want to thank him for everything he does for me each day & tell him i love him so much.

2. I am thankful for my amazing friendships that i have. I have been blessed with some of the worlds greatest friends. No matter how long some of us go without seeing each other due to our grown up, busy lives when we do get together it's like nothing has changed. I still know that at any given moment if i needed them they would be there. Some i have known since grade school, others i met in jr high, & then later in hair school but i don't know where i would be without them. I know they say blood is thicker than water but when your friends honestly become the sisters you never had but always wanted they...the become family. I am extremely grateful that i had them the two years that Chance was gone serving his mission in Michigan. If not for them i would have locked myself in my room & become a recluse until he came back home to me. I have learned so much through having them around & i am blessed to have each of them in my life.

3. I am thankful for strong examples that i have had in my life to teach me the person i need to be. These examples range from family members, to friends, church leaders, ward friends, seminary teachers, you name it i have learned something from them. I am especially grateful to my parents for their parents because without them i would not have been raised like i should have. I am so blessed to have the life i have, the family i have, the lessons i have learned & i hope one day my children will see how blessed they are due to their upbringing all because of these examples in my life.

4. I am thankful for the opportunity i have to work with my family everyday. As much as it is a fun, frustrating, hate you, love you type of roller coaster i realize that i am extremely lucky to be able to spend time with them everyday. I work with my Dad, Mom, & older brother Brennan. We even sometimes have Kimie come & help which in turn means Averie comes too:] It also makes me appreciate all the hard work my Dad did to get this business up & keep it running now for 5 years with the help of my mother of course. {we all know she is really the boss} He had worked for a company for almost 11 years & we had moved to Tennessee for it when they wanted him to manage the warehouse. We eventually moved back after 3 years & they wanted us to go back but my mom said no. Her family was here & so was my Dad's they didn't want to leave again. So the company found someone to move out there, & do it for much less than my dad was making & he was laid off. So when i say i am proud of my Dad i really am. All my life they have taught me about hard work but not just with words but by their actions & have shown me that as parents you will do anything to support your family.

5. I am thankful to live in the United States of America!! I know we have our problems but we are better off than most. I am grateful to those who lost their lives fighting for what they believe in. As a woman I am grateful for the women's right movement so that I can vote today! I am thankful for my freedom where I can say what I want to say, believe in what I choose to believe in, & not be told what believe in. I do not take my freedom for granted. I love this country I live in & will continue to fight like those who came before us, but unlike them I do not have to die to stand up for what I believe in all I have to so is vote!! God Bless America because we know we need it!! I am thankful for the troops past, present, & future who fight to keep our freedom. Without you we would have nothing!!

(pre warning i was a little mad with the outcome of the election when i wrote this one)
6. I am thankful for the knowledge that this life isn't the only one. That when we are done on this earth we have an eternity with our families. That while lying & cheating is the way to get ahead in this world, integrity & honesty is the way to get to heaven. & those who don't get there will surely burn:) I am thankful for the knowledge of God to know he is there for us always. But really in all honesty I have a true, sure knowledge of a life after death. a life filled with love, & family for an eternity. I have dealt with a lot death in my family & the only thing that keeps you going when someone passes is the knowledge that this is not the end, you will see them again.

7. I am thankful for my beautiful niece:) She is the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world!! It has been so fun to see her grow since she was born & I can't wait to continue to watch her grow & spoil her rotten:) I have had my friends daughter Brynlie in my life since we were juniors in high school so she has always been my baby. I did not think any one would even come close to how much i love her but Averie has caught right up. Being the only girl in my family growing up i am welcoming all the girls we can get into our family. I love Averie Elizabeth Wall more than she will ever know! I intend on continuing to spoil her so much & being the favorite aunt (sorry kimies sisters it's going to happen:] hahaha)

8. I am thankful for all my second sets of parents:) I not only lucked out with the most amazing friends but were instantly adopted into their families & treated like their other daughter!! To know that you all would do anything for me & in turn i would do anything for you guys is so amazing. They are all such great examples to me! Thank you for all the memories i have made with your families that i know will continue to grow over the years. I love you all so much!! Thanks for always welcoming me into your homes & your lives! I love you Spoogs & papa Hone, papa Rhett & Ann, & my mommy Brown:)

9. I am thankful for the beautiful state I live in:) It may be in the Utah bubble but this is home to me. i can't imagine living permanently somewhere else. This is where I want my family to grow up surround by both mine & Chances' families:) The weather & seasons we have spring, summer, fall, winter what a beautiful place we live in!!! I am so blessed to have grown up here!!

10. I am thankful for the past, present, & future troops that have served & fought for Americas freedoms!! I can't thank you enough for your sacrifice & the sacrifice of your family. My amazing Grandpa Shepherd served in the Army during Korean War so I have always looked at our troops as American heroes. So thank you so much for your service. America would be nothing without you!! God Bless the Troops!!

11. & 12. I am so thankful for my sweet, amazing, parents which go hand in hand but they each deserve their own praises so i will combine them both. They are the greatest parents in the world. They have taught me everything I know in life, how to treat others, how to work hard, how to love, how to be a good person, & I know I am so blessed to have them. I get to work with my parents each day & although sometimes we get frustrated with another we all come back the next day & it's so much fun. They have taught me how to live my life & how to raise my own children when the time comes. They have truly become some of my best friends. I remember being sixteen & thinking they were the two worst people in the world always wanting to ruin my life & i am sure when my kids are 16 they will fell the way i did but i know they will mature & find out that your parents are always there for you no matter what. AlI they want in life is what is best for you. I am again blessed to have gotten them as my parents. I love them so much & I would not be who I am today if it wasn't for my parents:)

13. I am thankful for missionaries:] This week i have had a friend return home from their missions on Tuesday, yesterday, & had my cousin Aliza receive her mission call last night!! I am so grateful to my husband for serving a mission & blessing us & our future family for sacrificing two years to serve the Lord. I have had a great opportunity to watch my older brother & all his friends leave on mission, come home & jump right back into life &get married:] They all were my first look into what missionaries do when they are gone & how bitter-sweet it is to have them there. My brother-in-law Taylor should be getting his call in the next few weeks & i am so excited for him!! I will miss him so much but i know how amazing it will be & that he will come back!! Missions are an amazing thing that changes lives. Not only those you teach but yours & your families also. I am grateful for the missionaries & all the do to bring the children of God the gospel!!

14. Today i am thankful for modern technology. Without it i don't know what i would do. Especially here at work. The fact that you can talk to someone through a text message or computer is amazing. I am around technology all day at work & sometimes we don't stop & think how amazing it all is. Even though i have been without a phone for a few days which is sometimes nice, i can honestly say i couldn't live without it i rely on technology maybe a little too much.

15. Tonight I had such a time going out with my husband & my parents!! We went to a friends wedding reception & then out to dinner!! Who knew when you got married you got to date your parents:) Then if that's not enough they drop off my car with $20 bucks of gas in it because my gas light was on. I know I already said I was thankful for my parents so I am thankful today for the friendship I have with my parents. Growing up you find out your family end up being your best friends & it's so true! I love them so much!!:)

16. Today I am very thankful for medicine, cough drops, naps, & warm blankets!! Being sick is no fun & I hope it goes away soon!! But really when you think about it we have all these things that are at our reach to try & make us get feeling better or heal if we have broken them. While doctor bills are no fun we have all these resources to try & heal diseases. We are living in a great time of modern medicine.

17.I am thankful for my amazing family:) We may not be perfect but what family is?? We love each other, we irritate one another, but at the end of the day we are always there for one another. I grew up being the only girl in the family with three brothers. I always felt i had a great relationship with my mom & that i was my daddy's little angel. I still feel that way being 21 years old & married. They are turning into one of my best friends. Blood is thicker than water & i can always count on them. I am so blessed to have then as my family:):)

18. I am so thankful tonight to come home & be with my husband:) After two really long days manning our Christmas booth at the mall I am looking forward to getting to spend the day with him tomorrow!! Sometimes when you are married you get so busy that a kiss goodbye in the morning & a kiss goodnight is all you get with each other some days!! I love being married & I love my husband so much!!

19. I am thankful that i can say that i have a job & have been over worked the whole weekend!! But hey i am bound to receive a great check come pay day. Hard work pays off in the end!! Especially in this economy but i am grateful to have such an amazing job that pays my bills. Now to just figure out what i am going to get Chance for Christmas with my big paycheck & my Christmas tree decorations:] (which i totally bought the cutest tree decorations)

20. I am thankful for the opportunity to be married in the temple. When i think back on my wedding i reminded of what a beautiful day it was. Not only was i married to the love of my life but i was able to have the most powerful spiritual experience with my Grandpa who passed away five years ago. I really can't explain in words how my heart felt like it was going to burst in the sealing room. This year it was the best thing to ever happen to me because it later helped me to have a full knowledge that i will see my loved ones again. Especially when i learned that one of my best friends Sean Halladay passed away. I know i will see him again & that he is watching over us. I always knew that but the experience i had in the temple just made it so real.

21. I am thankful for the new family i got through marriage:] From my amazing in-laws to my adorable brother, including their entire extended family i love each & every one of them. I really scored on the best in laws ever & since i am destined to never have a sister (love you my sister in-laws) i have two more brother added on to my list. They go over to their grandma Connie's house ever Sunday & while sometimes they are crazy i love them.

22. I can't say i am thankful for Chance's side of the family without telling my extended family how much i love all of them. I was blessed with the greatest families on both sides. Where i am one of the oldest on one side & one of the youngest on the other. At times my cousin were my best & sometimes my only friends. They can be crazy too but who's family isn't at times:]

23. I am thankful for mistakes i have made & what i have learned from them. The mistakes i have made in my life have made me who i am today. I may only be twenty one years old but i feel like i have lived & learned so much. I still continue to make mistakes & learn today but i always welcome it.

24.I am thankful for my home:] Even though it is just a little basement apartment it is our first married home!! I am blessed to live about a minute away from my parents & about ten from Chance's. I am blessed to be surrounded by family all over. I am also blessed to have the best landlord ever.

25. I am thankful for laughter. It helps me through my daily life. Honestly without it life would be so boring. If i laugh at least once everyday i will be doing pretty good. The person who probably makes me laugh the most every single day is my husband. I am glad we share the same sense of humor. You can never laugh too much!!

26. I am thankful for the power of love. Hand in hand with laughter love gets me through everything. Love is the only thing powerful in the world. I am blessed with enormous amounts of love. Love from my husband, from our families, from our friends.....there is no end. My love for them has no end either:]

27. I am thankful for my health. I have been working on it more lately trying to take better care of my self just by eating better & exercising. i have successfully lost twenty pounds & though i am not done i just want to continue to be healthy & be able to have energy to work & to be a wife (& hopefully in the next few years) a mother.

28. I am thankful for the ring on my left hand:] What it means & represents at times take my breathe away. It reminds me that i have a loving husband to come home to everyday. One who truly loves me including every flaw i have. I love knowing that i am bound to my husband for eternity. I love being reminded of the beautiful day when i became what i have always wanted to be...a wife!!

29. I am thankful for forgiveness. I am not perfect & i know everyone else is not either. I myself have to be better at forgiving others & my self. But i am also grateful for those who i have wronged or hurt who have forgiven me. Like i said i am not perfect & i never will be but the feeling you get when you truly & sincerely forgive someone that feeling is unforgettable.

30. I am thankful for all of my blessings. I know everything i have listed falls under the category of "blessings" I sometimes get lost in looking at other people's life & wishing my life was more like someone else because they seem to have it easier than i do. Whether it's more established financially, or whatever i choose to dwell on i am reminded how much worse i could have it. I am truly so blessed. I have endless blessings in my life everyday. Sometimes i may over look them but now i have something to look back on when i am having one of those days i can read this & be reminded all the blessings i have. From things, to family, to friends, to my husband i am so blessed.


“Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.”

-Oprah Winfrey

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