Thursday, June 6, 2013

California Dreamin'

I am writing this post from somewhere deep down, a sad, tired, Monday morning after an entire week off on a beach. I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was for me to get out of bed & get myself to work this morning.. I just spent the last week in California in a beach house at Capistrano Beach. Chances entire family goes on this trip every year. They stay at the same beach house every time mostly because they buried all of their ocean toys in the sand when we leave. Then the next year when we get there they dig up the boogie boards & all the toys. There were twenty one of us there & we had so much fun. Here is a run down of what happened down in Cali!!!

All 21 of us flew from Salt Lake City to Long Beach. I am so happy we don't drive. I honestly love to fly. It's such a cool feeling & it gives me butterflies. My adorable cousin Brooks had a Jet Blue mustache the whole flight!! 

We made it to the beach house & the water was as beautiful as I remembered it. Capistrano is a private beach for residents & guests of the beach houses. It makes it so nice to not be at an over populated beach fighting for a spot to lay. We just walk out of the house & this is our backyard. How lucky are we??

Sunday we attended a California ward that met at 9:00 a.m. Little early for vacation right?? We were planning on going to the 11:00 a.m. sacrament meeting but found out it was a Spanish speaking ward. So with a 45 minute warning to get ready we amazingly made it on time!! I wish I had a that beautiful view of the ocean when I walked out church every Sunday!!!

  Laying out & playing on the beach was so relaxing. The weather was perfect. It was hot but laying next to the beach you get that coastal breeze....oh it was heaven. These to little fishes lived in the water!! You seriously rarely saw them out of it. The day we arrived they jumped in the water in their normal clothes because they were too excited!! Brooks, Maisy & I had fun jumping over the waves, boogie boarding, building sandcastles & having my bury them in the sand. There is never a dull moment with these two.

Tuesday morning we went & spent the morning doing baptisms at the New Port Temple. It was such a great experience. Chance had the opportunity of confirming & doing twenty baptisms with me.

We went to dinner at this adorable Italian restaurant in San Clemente with Chance's parents & brother. Then we walked down to the pier to look over the water. It was so beautiful, we watched the surfers on the water. It really is chilling sometimes to just look out at the water & see it just continue on forever.

Bird Sanctuary get it?? haha

Wednesday was spent at none other than the always fun DISNEYLAND. Sadly it was so freaking busy. It was graduates night so the park was packed! But we still had so much fun! Cars Land was the most adorable thing ever!!  The day after I woke up my feet were still sore, my throat was still sore from screaming, but I still had a smile on my face from how fun it was!!!

Thursday night all the boys (minus Chance's Dad & Cody) plus me (the only girl) went to the Angels vs. Dodgers game at angels Stadium. It was so much fun. This was my third MLB game I have ever been to & I loved every minute of it. While all of our family was cheering for the Dodgers Chance & I were voting for the Angels. The Angels ended up winning 3-2. The crowd we were sitting with man they were entertaining. I would say the stadium was close to 50% Angel fans & 50% Dodgers fans. There was a lot of chanting & yelling which only got louder the more beer everyone had!!

We brought Taylor to the game:]

 Sadly our trip had come to an end & we were packing up before we knew it. I had so much fun on our trip! I can tell you I'm still not back in the work groove & it's Thursday haha but I know that California will be waiting for us next year & only one more Cali trip without Taylor!!!! I am so excited for the next trip that beach is calling my name!!

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