Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Who doesn't love Summer?? There is something about seeing little kids out riding their bikes, or selling lemonade that just brings a smile to my face. The feeling of complete freedom comes to mind when I think back to my summers when I was in school. There was nothing better than the last week of school where we did absolutely nothing then suddenly we are set free for three months. Summer isn't as freeing as I remember it being since I still work but it is still just as fun. This is my first married summer & as annoying as us newly weds are saying that....it defiantly changes things but in the best way possible. We have done more things together than any summer before & I love it. I love experiencing new things with my husband. I honestly don't know how long it will take me to get used to having our own room on family trips. Eventually it will become normal I suppose.

I'm playing catch up from a few weeks ago because I have been so incredibly busy with work & with fun. I have had a great summer so far!! We took the boat out for a day on the lake & it was perfect. Averie was an absolute doll. She loved the boat except when we stopped moving, she wasn't too fond of that but really who is? I have to breathe deeply every time we stop & are being smashed with waves so I don't get sick. She even fell asleep in my arms for a good forty five minutes. I tried so hard to keep her from rocking with the motions of the boat but she slept soundly until it got a little chilly so I decided to put a light jacket on her. Yeah THAT was what woke her up. Figures haha.

 Josh Turner Concert

 I also had the honor of attending a Josh Turner concert in Orem with Mckell, her mom, & her moms friends. I seriously look at how those ladies are & can't wait to be a fun mom. Mckell & I go to so many concerts with them!! They are our concert crew & it defiantly isn't the same without them. They are the funniest, sometimes crude, young women calling themselves GILFS, dancing with 22 year old guys. I mean they are a freaking RIOT!! You haven't really experienced a concert if you havne't gone with them. We stalk to tour bus after with them, who does that?? Oh we do!! haha 

When we went to meet him we were super rushed which was sad. What the hell do you say to a celebrity that you have five seconds with to take a picture with? Especially when the workers helping where so beyond rude. When it was our turn he says to us "how are you doing?" Could have died with how beautifully deep his voice was. Phew. We didn't really answer, we were a little star struck. We politely said hi, smiled for a picture & in his deep sexy voice he said, "thanks for coming". Nothing stellar....he didn't propose marriage to me but it was still awesome. I still completely regret not sneaking a butt grab in though. If you don't know what I am referring too click here to read another butt grabbing celebrity moment Mckell & I shared. 

Anyways Josh Turner is a great entertainer, he put on a fantastic show!! I feel that I have been to so many concerts that I am spoiled & so picky about them. If they aren't dancing around or engaging the crowd I don't enjoy it as much. But Josh Turner did that the whole time. Damn his voice goes low. He sounds just like he does recorded, if not better. Just beautiful. I wanted to just die when he sang a cover of Billy Deans (touched his butt too) "I Wouldn't Be a Man". & how cute is this, his wife is the keyboardist & back up singer. So adorable you could just tell he was a good man. Family orientated & a christian man. It's safe to say I fell in love!! I would pay big bucks to see him again.

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