Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Three girls, a weekend, & one Bieber.

I will admit at the beginning I came down with a bad case of "Bieber Fever" he was just thing adorable little ball of talent & why I still enjoy dancing to his music he is turning into such a little thug that it makes me sad. I just hope he doesn't end up like Lindsay Lohan. Standing next to my friends Maddi, & Paige I probably had the least fever. I was dancing the entire time, Paige was absolutely love struck. Just kept going on about how hot he was. While Maddi & I compared him to my 11 year old brother. It's so true though I'm sorry he has a little boy body. Pretty ripped arms for his body but he will get there soon. But I do love the Biebs. If I didn't I doubt I wouldn't have planned a Vegas trip to go see him. I am getting ahead of myself let's go back.

I got a text from my friend Maddi literally a week after we saw him in Salt Lake in January, about going to see him again in California or Vegas. I was just sitting there looking at the text thinking "dude, we JUST saw him." Pretty sure I may have actually said that to her. She was not happy. I was already planning a trip to Colorado for Country Jam with some other friends & didn't think I could pull off two trips in two weeks right in a row. Maddi being Maddi offered to pay for my entire trip just so she wouldn't have to go alone. I just couldn't do that so I just agreed to go & figured it wasn't until June so I would have plenty of time to save for both trips although I was sure my husband would kill me. After the line up was announced for Country Jam I decided not to go since it wasn't going to be that great. I was relieved because that meant more money for Vegas. Which turned out to not be very much so there is no way I could have swung two trips in two weeks time! 

We had two other friends who were planning on going but when the trip got close they ended up not being able to go. This posed a problem because only Maddi & I were going to the concert which left Paige who would be all alone in the hotel while we were at the concert. We literally invited everyone we could have but it just didn't work out for anyone even after they said they were in the next day it changed. We came to the conclusion that Paige would just get a ticket & come with us. The day we left we ended up finding a single ticket by the section next to us so we bought it & went on our way. We stayed in Mesquite one night, hung out at the pool for the day, then headed to Vegas. Wow it was so freaking hot. We actually had an extreme heat warning while we were there. I don't know how people live there. I don't think I could be a Mormon & live there. I literally melted like a popsicle in my G' but I did prove yet again you can wear garments & vacation in Vegas. You can even be modest & go dancing. Who would have known?? It is possible people!!

I will tell you that I have been to a ton of concerts but I don't think anything will top the ear shattering screams of all the girls in his concerts. I am sure any dogs in the vicinity were dying from the sound!! Surprisingly our seats turned out to be way better than we expected which is always awesome!!! Paige was pretty close to us not enough to talk over all the noise so we motioned that when JB comes out she was to come up & stand with us. It worked like a charm. She stood by us the entire time! We just staggered our standing & stayed within our two chair area. We stood up sang,  & danced the entire concert. Didn't sit down once, which was defiantly worth the sore feet after. When I went to the concert in Utah I left happy I went but it was nothing compared to Vegas! The sounds, the lights, everything was so much better. He puts on a very great show. Whether you like him or not you have to give it up to him that he is such a talented person. He is quite the musically inclined individual with awesome dancing skills! (& a hot bod if you ask Paige)

I am so glad I went because it was such a great concert & the entire weekend was fabulous. I don't think we ever went to bed before 2:00 am. Such a great vacation with two quite amazing friends who I love!! I was happy to get back home to my husband though. :] I missed him a lot.

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